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dancer's E.d.g.e. is a faith-driven dance program with a mission to transform lives through the power of dance. The dancer's E.d.g.e. is a warm, loving environment where the focus is on telling our story through dance, living out the principles of faith through relationships and developing a place of trust and security. The dancer’s E.d.g.e. was founded on the philosophy that a dance school should provide a nurturing environment that helps its students to develop as a person as well as a dancer.


The four priorities of our school, after which we were named, are Education, Dance, Grace, and Expression.

Education  Whether for fun, college or pre-professional training, dancer’s E.d.g.e. offers a program where everyone can grow in their personal love and passion for this art form. We focus on strong ballet principles, foundations and vocabulary to help students gain the education and knowledge needed to expand into all genres of dance. We do emphasize proper technique and correct movement starting at the earliest ages in order to prevent injuries as well as poor muscular development in and around the dancers movement. 

  We extend our program in education by implementing anatomy and movement theory into all classes as well as technical training through CLI Studios, Sugarfoot Therapy, the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus, PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique) and the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Syllabus. 


Dance whether just for for fun or for a life time, the dancer’s E.d.g.e. is a program where your child can learn and grow at her own pace.  A studio where she can become her own "individual dancer" able to offer movement what only the individual can offer! A place where she can be loved while learning to dance in a structured environment. 

Grace is not just a way of moving – but a way of life.  It is our sincere desire at the dancer’s E.d.g.e. that every student know God’s grace, learn to live with it and practice using it in their daily lives.  We encourage the students to genuinely accept grace from their peers as well as to be grateful for the many talents, gifts, and joy that lives within each of them.

Expression Dance can be such a wonderful outlet for students to discover new ways of moving, feeling, and being, by meeting these young people where they are in their own emotional development.  The staff at Dancer’s E.d.g.e. works to create choreography that addresses subject matter and themes that are important to the students.  We sincerely hope to help children discover their feelings while learning to express themselves and have a positive outlet for their expression. We strive to provide a joyful and unique experience for each student while approaching them and loving them on a more personal level. Dance can be such a wonderful outlet and a way for students to discover new ways of moving, feeling, and being.

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